Savoia Mountain Gun


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Used by the Savoia troops to provide artillery support in areas of difficult terrain.

This fired a 1 1/2 to 2 pound shot.

Carried by mules and assembled on the field of battle. (Mule loads will be coming shortly)

The pack comes with the pieces to assemble as per photo.

For those that wish to add extra detail the sculptor has provided the following instructions/guidelines

In terms of putting the gun together, it’s pretty straightforward.

1. Clean castings (although, given it’s a Griffin cast, I struggled to find much to clean up.

2. Drill out a little bit deeper the existing holes in the main carriage just in front of where the trunnions mount on (one on each side, quite easy to see)

3. Clean out gently the eye-bolts on the side of the carriage and on the trestle legs (one set on each side, be gentle, they are only small)

4. Take some 1/32nd (0.8mm) Brass rod, cut two small pieces to slide through the holes in the top of the trestle legs into the holes in the main carriage that you’ve just predrilled.

5. Cut two pieces of brass rod, approximately 21-22 mm long, on both pieces, bend one end into a right angle, the other to about a 45 Degree angle. Place the angled piece into the eye-bolts on the legs and then move the legs until the right angled other end is line up to drop into the eye-bolt in the main carriage (sounds complicated, but actually all fits together no bother, the castings are the clean). The legs should end up slightly sloping forwards from straight upright.

6. Job done!

Although this is a small item, once made it’s actually pretty robust.



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