Keith’s Highlanders Grenadier Advancing


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The regiment was raised at Perth on August 25 1759 from a nucleus draft of 315 men from the 42nd Highlanders by Lieutenant-colonel Robert Murray Keith.

Major Keith was a relation of the celebrated Field Marshall Keith of the Prussian Army. He had served in the Scotch Brigade in Holland before being appointed to the command of the regiment. Usually known as Keith’s Highlanders, the regiment was also designated as the 87th Highland Volunteers.

The nucleus of 315 men were formed into three companies were led by Captain Archibald Campbell, Captain Alexander Mclean and Captain-lieutenant James Fraser. They were sent to Germany by late 1759 after the Battle of Minden

In 1760, Ferdinand of Brunswick was so pleased by these Highlanders that he requested to complete the initial detachment to a full regiment. Accordingly, 5 additional companies were raised at Perth and shipped to Germany to join the 3 former companies.

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These figures are conversions I have done from Richard Ansell sculpts to compliment the forthcoming publication by Charles Grant on Small Actions of the Seven Years War.

They are also suitable to represent the 42nd Highlanders and can serve in campaigns in the Sugar Islands and the French Indian Wars

Pack contains a single figure


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