All about Crann Tara Miniatures

Believing that the Jacobite Rebellion of the ’45 has been a ‘poor relation’ in terms of figure ranges and gaming periods Crann Tara Miniatures was formed by Graham Cummings in 2012. My aim being to provide a comprehensive range of figures to depict this exciting period.

I have been a figure painter, collector and gamer for more years than I care to remember. I have chosen to release figures which portray the uniforms and equipment on campaign, as a result many of the figures being released are unique and will provide the gamer, painter and collector with an opportunity to present this period as it should be.

Richard Ansell is my primary sculptor and focuses on the Jacobites, French and English.

Andy Stadden son of the famous Charles Stadden has joined the team and has sculpted the Saxon army and bits and pieces across the other ranges

John Dougan  sculpts part time as a hobby and is focussing upon the war in Italy at this time so you will see a slowly growing range of Savoia and Spanish forces.

Finally from time to time I do conversions or half sculpts and whilst most of these don’t make general sale some do get released as specials with limited numbers.

I trust you will have as much enjoyment collecting these figures as I have in securing their release.