Monday, September 06, 2021


Following on from our policy of selling individual figures to save you unnecessary purchases, Riders and Horses are now sold separately. The new codes will be up soon, just email us for now if placing an order.  NOTE- any Specials figure (Codes with an X ) will come with Horses supplied.


Any order 40+ of a single code will attract a 10% discount.  Email us with your order. Note that for these we will accept payment by Credit card rather than  expensive PayPal

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Crann Tara is now part of  Caliver Books/Partizan Press/ Matchlock Miniatures & Minifigs . Graham has done a cracking job in developing a successful range… in fact too successful as it had grown busier than he wanted in his retirement. The moulds are in the hands of some of the most experienced casters in the hobby and will be now be made in house to ensure a continual supply.

The figures on this site will also be listed on  to allow for combinations of orders across the many ranges we produce

Welcome to Crann Tara Miniatures

This is a range of 1/56th (28mm) scale figures. The majority were sculpted by Richard Ansell, with Andy Stadden creating the Saxons and pieces across the other ranges, and John Dougan adding his talents as well. These figures are some of the finest sculpted and cast. They are fully compatible with Fife and Drum miniatures and Minden Miniatures, both of which are available from Jim Purkey in America, and feature extensively in the REIGHTING HISTORY series of books by Charles S Grant

The main focus is the mid-1740’s. The armies Britain and Continental Europe will  continue to expand, as will figures for the War in Canada and the Caribbean.  There are some surprises planned over the next 12 months.

Bear with us as we get the hang of the range. We are almost the last company to help you save you money by selling individual figures rather than forcing you to buy packs, thus wasting figures, and we will be bringing that policy to Crann Tara. Note that the saving of bringing casting in-house may not outweigh the fact that we will now have to add VAT to the prices., but will help keep any rises to a minimum. – Unfortunately someone has to pay to keep the country going!